Friday, May 25, 2012

Timeout for ADHD

Alternative treatments for ADHD can be the best option for some kids struggling with the disorder. Natural remedies for ADHD come with virtually no side effects and are very safe.
Timeout is an alternative treatment made from a proprietary blend of extracts of motherwort and rhodiola combined with syrup water along with natural fructose and stevia to naturally sweeten the mixture. Motherwort and rhodiola have documented, beneficial effects on the Central Nervous system and are completely safe.
The motherwart plant has a calming, sedative effect, as well as anti-anxiety characteristics. This is very helpful in treating ADHD, as being calm really influences the ability to be able to focus. Motherwart has a calming effect that is just as strong as the calming effect felt from the well-known anti-anxiety plant valerian root, but does not come with the possible side effects associated with prolonged use of valerian root.
The other main element in Timeout, rhodiola, is a popular plant used in traditional Eastern medicine, like Tibetan and Chinese medicines, and in Scandinavian and Russian medicines as well.
Rhodiola belongs to the adaptogenic plant category. These plants differ from stimulant plants because their extracts help cells utilize energy with more efficiency by producing energy carrying chemicals, whereas stimulants work by producing cells that consume large amounts of energy. This means that adaptogenic plants like rhodiola help more in the nourishment of the cells, and particularly, with brain cells.
There have been studies showing that rhodiola activates neurotransmitter activity in the Central Nervous system, which may affect the availability of serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and acetylcholine in brain cells. Clinical and laboratory research strongly supports the use of rhodiola in treating ADHD. Just a single dose of this plant extract has antidepressant, anti-anxiety and performance enhancing affects. It can also help with learning skills like memorization, and helps in adjusting to stressful environments. And unlike stimulants, rhodiola helps to improve heart function by preventing abnormal heartbeats. This can be attributed to effective energy utilization of the heart cells.
If you’re struggling to help treat a child with ADHD, consider Timeout. Its natural formula is safe and has proven beneficial effects which may be the perfect treatment for a child with ADHD.

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